Erin Thomas

I was born in Cleveland Ohio and was raised all over Northeast Ohio. After graduating from Brunswick High School in 2005,  I went on to receive my degree in 2008 from Cuyahoga Community College. My life took an exciting turn in 2010 when I became the Executive Assistant to Jeff Hoffman, co-founder of Getting the chance to speak to accomplished music producers and presidents, as well as others just looking to launch their ideas was incredible. Jeff talked and worked with each of them the exact same way. Because of him, I now work just as hard to sell a $100k home as I do to sell a $1M home. I’ve also gained the ability to feel comfortable and socialize with anyone! Jeff’s knowledge and passion for entrepreneurship lit a fire inside me that has only grown bigger and brighter every day since! 

In 2013, my husband and I launched a successful Cleveland based clothing company and it was one of the most exciting and wild rides we have taken together up until we sold it in 2017.  I knew at that point that my drive and determination would best be suited in a career in real estate.

To get my foot in the door, I applied and was hired as the Social Media and Marketing Director for Lokal Real Estate and Great Lakes Real Estate Investments. In early 2019, the owner took me under his wing and taught me the ins and outs of selling investment property off market. I found a speciality in working with investor buyers and out of state buyers through that experience. Within just a year I was a licensed real estate agent who had sold just under 50 properties! 

My passion for this industry is unparalleled.  The skills I’ve learned from working with high level investors has made me an expert at negotiating! I love the challenge of real estate. It thrills me to pull apart a deal and find the angle or best way to get it sold. I like to use experience and logic to give my clients an edge. I also love to learn, so am constantly taking classes to stay up on trends and techniques to sell. Not to mention, I love to win and that usually makes my clients happy, which is exactly why I do what I do!

I joined the EZ Sales Team in 2020 because to be the best, you need to surround yourself with the best! In my first week on the team, I was able to get each of my 3 new buyers an accepted offer! I plan to keep that momentum moving forward and can’t wait to meet new clients and make friends along the way.

Erin Thomas, Sales Partner
Direct: 440-670-2300

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