Heather Holcomb

Heather Holcomb Top Ohio Realtor
I’ve worked in the retail world since I was 16yrs old. I worked my way up to Assistant Manager and then I decided, I wanted to be my own boss!!! That’s why I decided to become a realtor.
I have always loved looking at open houses or model homes, some many unique designs. Now I get to help people find that perfect house for them. I will go anywhere in Northeast Ohio.

I am the mother of three beautiful children with big hearts and good morals!! We are very active members in our church too. We love decorating for Christmas, our house turns into a winter wonderland.

I am also a CCW Instructor with Three Tango Firearms, it is a passion of mine to teach people how to safely handle a firearm!

Heather Holcomb, Sales Partner
Direct: 216-904-2510
Email: HeatherH@EZSalesTeam.com

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