Ian Flanagan

Ian Flanagan Top Ohio RealtorMy name is Ian Flanagan and I was born and raised in Cleveland and Graduated from Ohio University with a major in Communications, and a minor in Marketing.  The business background I have gathered through the years comes from all the classes at Ohio University and working as a Co-Manager of a Wine and Liquor store.  I was able to learn the ins and outs of a business from stocking the shelves, to hiring/firing employees and regular budgeting of expenses.  This gave me the business mindset to enter into opportunities and decisions with a clear and rational thought process for the store to gain profit.  Even the marketing aspect as I was able to run the website and any Facebook promotions, giving the store a possible edge of competition.  Even running my own business of being an artist, it gives me an inside look to make every decision from brand image, marketing, and standing out from competition.

I grew up in Bay Village and attended Bay Schools leading me to my college experience at Ohio University.  Being the middle child of 5 kids has really taught me the ups and downs of life and from being the one to be in charge, and then bossed around the next day.  I live in Lakewood now and love spending time with friends and family when I can.  Being business focused is a great daily motivator for me to try and strive myself to become a little bit better in some aspect of my life. That could just be exercising, or reading into housing markets, or just taking a mental break to gather thoughts.  I strive to be moving forward in some capacity each and every day to learn as much as I can.

Choosing real estate as a career option didn’t really dawn on me until I got to college, which is where it really sparked my interest.  Taking the pre-license classes taught me so much about real estate and even about becoming an adult that I was fully invested.  Seeing the financial opportunities that could arise from diving into real estate was always something I was thinking about, but also the challenge of becoming an expert on something that is entirely new to me was only more motivation. Especially growing up in Bay Village, Westlake, Rocky River, and the nice houses on the lake make it even more appealing to try and meet who I can and help people get into the homes they want!

Ian Flanagan, Sales Partner
Direct: 440-409-5141
Office: 216-916-7778
Fax: 216-916-7778
2001 Crocker Rd, Suite 200
Westlake, Ohio 44145
Email: IanFlanagan@EZSalesTeam.com

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