Natalie Elgawahergui

Natalie Elgawahergui Top Ohio RealtorI was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. I came to Cleveland 22 years ago with my husband who’s an Anesthesiologist. Moving to a different country could be challenging at times, but I was so lucky that we settled here in Cleveland, where the community is so warm, friendly and diverse. I consider myself so fortunate to call both Egypt and Cleveland my home. I do miss the warm weather and sunshine back in Egypt though!  We lived on the eastside for a few years, then moved to the west 15 years ago, which makes me very familiar with both sides of Cleveland. I love the culture, museums, amazing unique architecture about the eastside, while the lake and walkable neighborhoods are a pleasure on the westside.

I have two boys in high school and college. I love spending time with them, attending their soccer and tennis games, and travelling in and out of the country together. I must say raising them in a family oriented community in Cleveland has been a great support.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Later I got a degree in childcare management and worked in teaching for a few years. Since I come from a family who has been in the jewelry business for generations, I inherited the passion for jewelry designing and took many courses in that field. Since I’m bilingual, speaking both Arabic and English, I got the opportunity to work with families relocating to Cleveland, but have a language barrier. I assisted them in adjusting and settling in their new communities and from there on I found my circle widening on many levels. Being able to help people settle and finally call a place their home gave me a sense of fulfillment that I decided to pursue my real estate license and take it more professionally.

After getting my license I was so lucky to join The EZ Sales Team, The # 1 Sales Team in Ohio. The word team is really not just a word, it’s a description of the service we provide to our clients. My work is to assist my clients find their homes and make that process as smooth and easy as could be. I realize how this is an important decision to you, whether it’s your dream home or an investment, so I will be here to make it happen the way you want. I promise I’ll do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy choosing your new Home to Be!

So, if you’re out there looking for a home please call me, together we can immediately start your
exciting journey. I would love to be part of it!

Natalie Elgawahergui, Sales Partner
Direct: 440-487-3858

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