Tera Somogyi

Tera Somogyi Top Ohio RealtorFirst and foremost my passion is real estate. I have always felt a strong pull to help people empower themselves to fulfill the dreams they have set out to achieve. Whether it’s helping clients find the perfect home or business or building a strong real estate investment portfolio, being a real estate agent has brought me so much personal and professional fulfillment.
As for my education and background, I went to BGSU for my undergrad and went on to Cleveland State University to earn a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology with a focus on crisis intervention. As a volunteer I worked with survivors of abuse and conducted independent studies with patients at the Cleveland Clinic Walker Pain Center. Upon graduation from college, I relocated to sunny Florida to continue my education and began a career with Eli Lilly & Co., later becoming Vice President of Sales at Liberator Medical Supply, a national medical supply company. After seven years in Florida, at the request of my family, I moved back home to Ohio to work at the family business, Reader Roofing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. which has been serving the Cleveland area for over 100 years. Yes, 100 years! Through the years working for Reader and handling many residential and commercial properties owned by my family, I gained invaluable knowledge about real estate. It didn’t take long to realize that I loved working in the real estate arena and when you love something it is no longer “work”, but a purpose. And thus began my career as a real estate agent. Throughout my career I have developed exceptional negotiating skills, strong marketing experience, a passion for excellence in customer service, and knowledge of residential and commercial structures and their mechanicals. Coupled with my market knowledge of Northeast Ohio, these assets have provided my clients with invaluable tools to meet their needs and provide the best partner in their home and business transactions.

I grew up in Solon and have resided in Westlake, Chagrin Falls, downtown Cleveland, and Old Brooklyn which has afforded me the opportunity to immerse myself in the various areas of Northeast Ohio. All of which I feel are hidden gems and one of this nation’s best kept secrets. It’s especially satisfying when working with out of state clients moving to this state who tell me how much they love this area and never knew that unassuming Ohio was so beautiful, full of amazing places and warm people.

If you are still here reading you deserve an award. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and put your feet up… don’t worry I’ll wait…. A little about myself on a personal level – I easily pull off being both a dog and cat person with the ease of Dr. Doolittle and I am mom to a 165 lb Great Dane and two cats, Kevin and Pippa la Pew. I am a “get things done” kind of gal so I like to balance that energy out by taking looooooong walks in nature, gardening, reading, and traveling the world. I am also the co-founder of the You Can You Will Foundation, a 501c3 charitable organization here in Cleveland. The foundation provides various programs with an emphasis on youth-centered empowerment workshops. “At the You Can You Will Foundation we believe that each individual has great potential to live a fulfilled and healthy life. It is believing in this greatness, nurturing it and empowering the children in our community to become his or her best self that marks this new age of positive growth. We see this as a shift of epic proportions. Such a shift begins with empowering our young ones.”

Many studies have been conducted proving that if you increase your kindness to others you increase your own happiness. Serving my community, be it through partnering with my clients as their real estate agent or through the volunteer work of the You Can You Will Foundation, has afforded me immeasurable happiness. I hope to inspire that happiness in others.

Tera Somogyi, Sales Partner
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Westlake, Ohio 44145
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