No Junk Fees!

The EZ Sales Team is the No Junk Fee Team:

Many Realtors will tell you it is free to buy a home with them but forget to tell you that they have a $200-$500 “Service Administration Fee” or “Additional Commission” clause somewhere around line 200 in small print at the time you make an offer.  By that point, you are committed to buying the home and can’t turn around or object.  Take the time to interview your Buyer’s Realtor before you begin working with them.

Realtors love to discuss the commission when discussing the listing of your home.  However, this distracts you from the other money they grab like the cost of escrow, the higher then average mortgage costs, home warranties and the “additional commission” clause located in small print somewhere around line 200.  When interviewing a Realtor to list your home, understand all the aspects and challenge them to offer you the very best in services and value.

Or avoid all the junk fees entirely and work with the No Junk Fee team at EZ Sales Team of Keller Williams Citywide today!