The EZ Difference

What makes us different?

When listing your home, condo, equestrian estate or luxury home for sale, remember that all Realtors are not the same.  What makes The EZ Sales Team at Keller Williams Realty succeed at selling homes while other Realtors and Real Estate Companies are struggling?  We believe it is our overall philosophy of focusing on what is right for our clients first and the rest will fall into place.  The decisions to offer the following competitive advantages came from this philosophy and it has served our clients well:

  1. It Takes a Team:
    The days of a single Realtor doing all things for all people has passed.  Real Estate Teams have taken over and for good reason.  Division of labor is a basic advantage that has been used since the beginning of time. On The EZ Sales Team, each member has a different strength or area of focus.  Administrators focus on world class service, Professional photographers focus on that perfect shot, technology is handled by the State Wide Leader in buyer engagement, negotiations/sales is the sole focus of your EZ Team Realtor. Our team of Realtors is financially able to purchase all the exposure your home needs that a single Realtor can simply not afford. Additionally, as your local Greater Cleveland Realtor Team, we make sure you’re selling your home the EZ Way!
  2. The EZ Hassle-Free Listing Program – No Junk Fees, No Gimmicks, No Long Contracts, No Games and 100% Marketing Exposure Promise.
  3. Global Reach –  Keller Williams Realty has over 160,000 Realtors Worldwide and The EZ Sales Team is Statewide.  Unmatched connectivity to Realtors and buyers Worldwide will offer you the best chance to maximize you home’s value.
  4. Internet Dominance – The EZ Sales Team has over 22 custom websites, connected to over 200 syndication partners and understands the search patterns of buyers better then any Realtor in The State of Ohio with more buyer closings then any other Realtor in Ohio.  From Facebook to Pay-Per-Click programs we have your home covered.
  5. Cutting Edge Listing ToolsEZ3D, EZ Drone, EZ Staging, EZ Virtual Staging, EZ photography, EZ Virtual Tours.
  6. Premium MembershipsThe cost to be a premium member of KW Luxury Homes, Farm & Ranch, Loopnet,,, and exceeds $1,000 per month and is cost prohibitive for most Realtors.  Fortunately, due to our success we are able to provide you and your home not only premium placement on the top websites for home searches to help find your buyer!
  7. Passion – This can not be trained, taught or purchased.  We just have it!
  8. Education – The EZ Sales Team Can Help You! The real estate market can be a confusing place! We answer all questions you have in regards to the current real estate market plus more!